Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Stormy birthday weekend...

Sunday was a stormy day.

Typhoon Lan(?) hit Japan. Actually, it wasn't that bad in Tokyo. Yeah, there was a heavy downpour but it was not something I'm not familiar with having grown up in a country visited by at least 20 typhoons a year. Hehe!

Anyway, initially I made reservations at Barbacoa. I've been meaning to eat the restau for the longest time. I ended up canceling my reservation because of the weather. This is the second time I've canceled. Lol. I hope I don't get blacklisted.

For a few minutes, I debated whether I should step out of the house or if I should just stay put. I decided to head out and feel some sort of celebration.

Who cares about the typhoon? Lol.

Sooo... I took the train and headed to one of the hotels near Ginza for a nice breakkie. I've been craving for pancakes. I would've gone to bills Omotesando but again, the weather.

It was a good breakkie. I just didn't like that I had to wait for 20 minutes for pancakes. Seriously?! For the price I paid? Maybe they forgot. Anyway, I enjoyed my meal and headed to Ginza.

The highlight of the day was doing some shopping. Hehe!

Finally found a new pair of work pants, a new backpack to replace my ages old backpack, and a new scarf. Hehe! Love you CDG.

Friday, October 20, 2017


I decided not to work this weekend! Yay!

I have a busy Friday work night but I'm excited to get home and not have to rush myself to go to sleep. Lol.

Hmm, maybe I'll binge-watch Designated Survivor tonight.

It's kinda annoying though that the weather this weekend is ugh. Everyone's been saying a typhoon will hit Japan this weekend... so there goes the weekend.

Tomorrow, I am planning to check out the Tadao Ando exhibit at the National Art Center in Roppongi. It should be good. I'm just wondering if I should go because of the weather.

In the evening, I'm going to a nomikai aka drinkin party with some peeps. I'm hoping it'll be good. Haha!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Currently addicted to this show...

I think it was Jon who told me about this series. Anyway, recently I've been binge-watching this series. Haha!

It's actually good.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Filipino food... finally...

Last Sunday turned out to be quite a happy day.

While browsing Instagram a few days ago, I found out that there was a Philippine festival in Hibiya Park over the weekend.

The first thing that came to mind was food!!!

So, I messaged Dean and asked if he and Ryan would like to check out the event. Thankfully, they also planned to go to the event. Yay!

We met up at Yurakucho around 3. From there, we walked to the nearby park. It was my first time to see such a large gathering of Filipinos in Tokyo. Hehe.

Naturally, there was a long queue at all the food stalls. We figured the taste would be the same everywhere soooo we just headed for the stall with the shortest queue.

After buying the stuff, we looked for an area that wasn't too crowded. There, we had a mini-feast.

Lechon kawali, liempo, caldereta, sisig, lumpiang shanghai, rice! Woohoo! For dessert, we got halo halo! It was super!

I hope there would be another event like that in the near future.

For now, I'm just happy with the feast we had!