Friday, September 29, 2017

An arm and a leg for dry cleaning... lol...

Recently, our company released a bulletin saying that Cool Biz season is over. (Cool Biz is the term used for the summer dress code.) That means it's back to long sleeves and neckties. That means it's going to cold again really soon. (Actually, it has already started to get cooler. Lol!)

Sooo, to prep for the change in season and the change in dress code, I had to bring out the long sleeves and winter clothes from the depths (?) of my closet. Haha!

The pieces need to be dry cleaned. The shirts were okay to be washed at home since they're just my regular shirts. Hehe!

But the neckties and the winter coats had to be brought to a professional dry cleaner.

I could have taken them to the neighborhood dry cleaner but I chose to take them to this shop... in Tokyo Station... in Daimaru. Lol!

When I was in Singapore, I did use professional dry cleaners for the CdG Shirt shirts. The cost was okay.

Two weeks ago, I took the pieces to Daimaru. When I saw the bill, I laughed out loud with the shop assistant. LoloL!

Let's see - 1 Fred Perry winter jacket; 1 Comme des Garcons Homme jacket; 1 Burberry trench coat; 3 Comme des Garcons Shirtshirts; 4 Comme des Garcons Homme Deux neckties.

The price I paid could've bought me 10 new business shirts at Uniqlo. Lol!

Sometimes it makes me wonder I had to choose a Burberry trench over a trench from <...>. Lol! It was approved by Tipz though. In fact, there was some intercontinental consultation for that trench. Haha! It was one of the best purchases though. Seriously. (I actually can't wait to wear it again. Lol!)

Oh well... in Tagalog, anong magagawa ko. in Singlish, so how. in Japanese,しょうがない (shouganai).

Btw, I got my dry cleaning and the shop did an amazing job. Hehe!


  1. Wow! You are such a fashionista and this lifestyle would burn my pockets! My Dior cardigan and Burberry sweater are washed in the public coin washers! Ha Ha! They still look good & cool.

    Happy Weekend Clayman -San.

    1. Haha! No lah, not fashionista lah. My clothes are boring in the sense that I usually just wear a uniform - black top and navy blue pants/shorts. I just can't imagine throwing them into a coin laundry. I would cry if they're ruined. Lol!

      Happy weekend, Twilight Man-san! =)

  2. Di naman kasi kelangang i dry clean pina dry clean mo pa hahaha sprayan mo na lang ng pabango