Monday, September 24, 2007

Back to Manila...

Hmm, as tempting as it was to just stay in Tagaytay for another day, Sean and I had to take the drive back to Manila. Today's morning was pretty relaxed. Woke up a bit late, 9AM. Watched some episodes of QAF and Desperate Housewives. Had a breakfast of toasted bread, butter, schublig and coffee. Read a bit. In the afternoon, went to Metrowalk with Sean for the opening of a restaurant. Was a private event. Family members of Sean, Ogie and Regine (yes, as in the composer/singer and the singer) were there. So were Jaya and her kid and partner. Found out it was Sean's birthday. Bopped my head for not knowing. Afterwards, it was off to Jay-jay's with Sean, Joel and Bernard. Had two bottles of beer. Buzzed before 8PM. Went to Katipunan for dessert at Sweet Inspirations. Dropped off bread at Gray Guy. Went home.

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