Thursday, September 13, 2007

This Is How It Ends...

9 P.M. Long day for Guy A. He goes to house of Guy B for dinner. Guy B talks to the dog and asks how she is. Guy A is silently annoyed and chooses to remain silent. Guy A, realizing he's really just making a fool of himself, finally has the balls to say that he has to go home.

Guy A: Just got home. Thanks for dinner. My Mom says thanks too for the muffins. Yum. Hey, are we dating or just friend? Sorry I have to ask but just for clarity.

(12 Hours Later...)

Guy B: Hi. Good morning. Well, I guess we are better off as friends. What do you think?

Guy A: Thanks for the honesty. Right from the start, I got the feeling you'd say that. I knew I was kidding myself thinking that you may see me differently.

Guy B: Yeah I see differently. You are a good person, a nice one that's why I want to preserve that friendship. Nothing has changed.

Guy A: Thanks. I don't really know what to say. I have things in my head but my mind's just a blur right now.

Guy A needs a strong drink right now.


  1. mali ba na pinili ni guy A mag cookies and cream kagabi? dapat bang nag ultimate frozen margarita siya sa fridays? :D

  2. hahaha! parang mas kailangan ni guy A ng mas matindi sa margarita.