Saturday, September 1, 2007

This Week's Friday

Here goes this week's Friday five.

1. What’s something you suspect you regularly overpay for?
Hmm, the last "something" which I really did overpay for was a meal at this hospital in Makati. Gawd! I can't believe I shelled out 350 pesos for that meal that I ate. It's crazy.

2. What’s something you suspect you regularly underpay for?
Hehehe! This chocolate cake at Glorietta. Three cute little boxes for only 100 pesos.

3. What’s taking up more of your time than it should?
On certain days, it's doing tasks other people can do.

4. What’s causing you stress only because
you let it?
Haha! Seriously, this person who's not really supposed to be a source of stress.

5. If all your karma were based on your positive and negative attitudes, would it be in good shape, in bad shape, or perfectly in balance?
I'd like to think it's somehow in balance.


I'm done. Your turn.

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