Thursday, November 3, 2011

Because it's not said that often...

Between me and PG Boy, I think I'm the one who's more demonstrative and who's more verbal with cheesiness. Haha! I dun think he'd argue with me on this one.

I'm not complaining. It's just a matter-of-fact observation and statement.

Truth be told, I have not always been like that. Growing up, I can't recall any specific moment that I said "I love you" to my parents. Let's not even start with my brothers. LOL! Our family dynamics was quite different.

It was my best friend Tey who taught me to be more expressive and verbal about one's caring/affection for someone else. She was never afraid to say how she felt. Whenever she would talk to her Mom or to her nephews and nieces, she would confidently say, "I love you, Mama" or "Do you love Tita, Kenjo?"

During those years when we would still use the landline to talk, my phone conversations with Tey would always end with her saying, "Love you, Anj." It took awhile for me to be comfortable with it. I knew she was saying it as a close sibling would, but still it was something I had to get used to.

The good thing was I learned quickly and pretty soon, I became more comfortable telling her and other friends, "Love you, friend" or "Hey, I miss you." Most of the time, a hug would go along with it because when I say it, I mean it.

That helped a lot when I got into a relationship. And it's helping me now with PG Boy. I dun find it difficult to tell him that I miss him. Sometimes, I have to keep myself from saying it too often (even if it's true) just so he wouldn't get tired of it. Hehe!

While I would love to hear the words "I miss you" more often, there is also something to not hearing it said that often actually.

Because he doesn't say it that often and because I dun know when he'd say it, the times he would say it would make it more special for me.

And the times that he would actually say it, I would always find myself with a big smile.

(Haha. Is this too mushy? Sorry, I just thought I'd write about it.)


  1. i remember one time nung medyo kinoconfront ko si boyfie na hindi sya masyadong mahilig magsabi ng i love you. sabi ba naman, baka daw magsawa ako which is not true pero nagets ko yung gusto nya dahil mas masarap pala kapag yung madalang mong marinig at mabasa. hindi naman sya nakakalimot iparamdam.

    gosh, kinilig ako sa inyo ni PG Boy. am so happy for m\you mr morales, and gagayahin ko ang friend mong si Tey, i love you Mr. Morales and i miss you. :)

  2. Hey, Jepoy. Tama din sila, no? Naiintindihan ko na iyong positibong side ng di madalas na pagbitaw ng mga mahahalagang sentences. (Nag-Taglish bigla? LOL!)

    Hey, salamat, salamat, ah. May utang ka pang kwento sa kin. Hehe! :P

    Love yah, Jepoypoy! And miss yah much! :)