Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bara chirashi lunch...

It's a super slow day at work.

Hmm, I actually don't mind because Thursdays always seem to be my slowest day. Hehe! Initially, I thought of going home after my morning lessons to rest. Afterwards, I thought of doing some work and then going to the gym.

Thankfully, I managed to be more disciplined. After my morning lessons, I went to the gym and then had lunch. From 1130 until this moment, I'm here at the Kino near the office doing some work.

So, it's been a productive day.

This afternoon, I only have one lesson. I do have the private lesson tonight.

Check out my lunch and my dessert. For being a good boy today, hehe, I decided to eat rice for lunch. That superb bara chirashi was only Y460. The dessert was more expensive at Y580! Haha!

Happy Thursday though! Thursday really is my favorite day!

1 comment:

  1. You got a very delicious lunch at a good value price. Anything less than Y500 is cheap for a decent meal. Perhaps you should start cooking by using the small electric pots and throw everything inside plus one egg! Yums!