Sunday, March 12, 2017

A red trench...

If you look at my closet, you'll notice that there isn't any color.

A few years ago, I started wearing a uniform - black shirt/top; navy blue pants; sneakers. When I moved to Japan, I sort of brought out the minimalist (?) in me. Maybe minimalist is not the right word. Lol. I got rid of many clothes in Singapore - clothes that had color. Basically, my wardrobe now has three categories - work clothes (I have a uniform, too. Four pairs of shirts (just four designs/styles); basic weekend/tugs uniform; and the Comme pieces. So any piece of shirt in my closet that has color is either a work shirt or a Comme shirt. Lol!

However, a few weeks ago, I saw someone in a red trench at the train station. That really caught my attention. On another occasion, one of my really well-dressed clients came to the lesson in a cerulean blue trench coat (Burberry, I checked! Haha!).

These two instances made me want to consider getting a colored trench, too. In the sea of black coats and suit jackets every morning, I would be the only one in red. Lol! Confidence. Singapore red. Hillary red. Lol! That's me on the right side.

As if it were a sign, I came upon this beautiful Lanvin en bleu red trench at one of my fave stores. It was perfect for spring because the material was light. It seemed water-resistant. It's Lanvin. Diffusion line, yes. But still, Lanvin.

I tried it on, sent it to Tipz and some of my girl friends for advice. In the end, I chose not to buy it. Hmm, the main reason was if I get it, I would have a Lanvin piece in the closet. Here I am trying to have an all Comme closet and suddenly, there's this one piece sticking out. Lol!

Hmm, I'll prolly stop by the store again. If it's still there, then it's meant for me. Otherwise, then a Comme piece is prolly waiting for me somewhere.


  1. lol i still think it's not the right color for you HAHAHA add Fitness First Red. :-p maybe if it's navy or gray with a strong accented color

    1. I was about to buy the damn trench this afternoon. I was going to ignore your comment until you brought up Fitness First red! So now buhbye red trench. :-/

  2. I would understand if your wardrobe has dull shades of colours if you are living in other parts of Japan. Hey, in Tokyo any colours are possible! Dye your hair pink too!

    1. Good idea, but I'll be out of a job with pink hair. Hehe.