Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Weekend shopping...

It was a shopping weekend of sorts.

As I may have written in a previous post, I'm at a stage where I rarely buy new clothes. Now I'm more after certain pieces. I'm more discerning I guess? Haha!

When it comes to office clothes, I'm a bit more stingy. Maybe because they're clothes I don't really get to wear on weekends. My shirts are from Uniqlo. I only have two styles of shirts, two pieces for each style. It's sort of like a uniform.

My suit used to be a mix of brands - jacket from H&M, pants from Armani Exchange. My only special pieces are my neckties, which I got from fave brand Comme des Garçons. And I only have four. That's enough, imo.

Recently though, I've been thinking that I should invest more in better suits for two reasons. One, I'm working in the business capital of Tokyo, (probably Japan). I have to look professional. Second, it's part of the whole self brand I guess. I feel like I'm doing my fellow Filipinos a disservice if I don't properly present myself. Hehe!

Thankfully, I have a good source for great suits. Last December, I got a suit from Beams. The jacket fits nicely. The pants could be a it tighter but that's just my preference. Last weekend, I went to the store again and tried a few suits. There was a Paul Smith suit I fell in love with but they didn't have my size. After going through a number of suits, I found a nice Barney's New York suit. It's charcoal gray and pinstriped. I actually like it.

The best thing was that it didn't really cost me an arm and a leg. Well, maybe it did cost me an arm. Lol.

I've also been meaning to have some skinny ties. So, I decided to get rid of two of my CdG ties and got two Dior Homme ties. Hehe!

That's it for shopping. I don't think I'll be buying new clothes anytime soon. There is a Longchamp bag I've been eyeing but I think it's a justified purchase because I don't have a weekender bag.

In any case, I haven't been the only one shopping. After a lengthy message exchange, I finally got my best friend Tey to invest in some good bags. So proud to have been able to convince (push?) her to get something from Prada and Balenciaga. Hehe.

My purpose in life is complete. Char.


  1. Wow! You are such a rich man with good tastes for high end branded fashions! Please parade them in your new outfits and post the photos here!

    1. Lol, not rich lah. Just discerning. Haha! I'm not even fashionable. ;)