Friday, December 11, 2015

Last overseas trip for the year...

After the Manila trip, I had no other planned trips outside of the island anymore.

It was okay because my wallet needed to recover after my brother's wedding (haha!) and more importantly, I need to do a lot of studying. I will be guiding for THREE exhibits! Preparations are needed! So, I was perfectly okay with just staying put.

That was not to be case though.

A few days ago, I missed a phone call from good friend Richie. He then messaged saying, "Come on a trip with me and Mon."

I told him I can't because I'm saving and that I'm planning for something.

He replied, "It's our Christmas present to you."

Now, I have an idea of sorts how the audience at Oprah's Favourite Things feels. Haha! But seriously, it is Tita Merlita (Richie's mom) who I need to thank. She couldn't be in Singapore in time for the trip. MonRich didn't want the ticket to go to waste. Good thing it's transferable!

So, yeah, this afternoon the three of us will be on board a ship bound for Penang. I have been on board a cruise ship before having worked for a maritime company but I have never been on a cruise. Lol!

Exciting, isn't it?!

Thank you, MonRich, for this really unique Christmas present!

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