Sunday, December 20, 2015

Slow Sunday...

Uneventful Sunday.

In the morning, I spent a few hours in front of the computer brushing up my skills on some topic.

By noontime, I made the trip to the far, far northeast in the name of Christmas. Lol! I had to pick up something from Fernvale LRT!!! Think an Alabang person going all the way to Diliman. Hehe!

The good thing is that there is no jam along the expressway on a weekend and the buses are usually reliable. Tbh, I contemplated taking the train but that would involve multiple transfers. Between the train and the bus, I really prefer the latter because I enjoy the scenic route.

Anyway, after that errand, I headed back to the West. I spent another two hours at the Woodlands library. This time, it was to prepare for the British Museum exhibit. At 5PM, I walked to the Church of St Anthony for Mass.

That was my last agenda for the day.

I got home a few minutes ago after having dinner at the kopitiam. I was thinking of studying some more but I think I'll just relax and take it easy.

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