Sunday, February 14, 2016

Clayman79 x Astralcowboy catchup...

The highlight of the day was dinner and dessert with Jon aka astralcowboy.

He just got back from his US trip. I just got back from my Bangkok trip. We had several stories to exchange.

We agreed to meet up for dinner. Initially, I suggested Toss & Turn but we ended up having dinner at Monster Curry. Not bad, not bad at all. It was like Coco Ichibanya.

From ION, we walked to nearby Palais for sinful dessert at PS Cafe.

Nice catchup with Jon. We miss @tipzstamatic though.


  1. are those new restaurants? lol ive only been away for a little over a year and i dont know those places?! hahaha miss you guys!!! x

    1. Lol, Monster Curry is, I think. We wanted to go to Toss & turn but changed restaus at the last minute. X