Sunday, February 14, 2016

Run, potluck lunch, museum, dinner...

Busy Saturday.

Got up at 6, left the house at 7. A friend has been inviting me to join their run forever. I finally find time to join them. It turns out it wasn't such a good idea because I was the slowest in the group. I couldn't keep up because I didn't want to exert too much effort on my knee.

It was still a nice fun run.

What I enjoyed more was the potluck lunch after at the house of one of the runners. Drinks before noontime? Yes, please. Lol!

By 2PM, I had to leave the fun party as I had to rush to the museum. I promised my friend that I'll join his guided tour. At the same time, I needed to prep for my own tour.

After the museum, my friend and I headed to a nearby Toastbox for a little chitchat.

My last agenda for the day was dinner with Richie. Mon couldn't join us as he had another gathering.

What a long but fun Saturday.

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