Monday, July 17, 2017

Matsuri time...

Since I had two days free, I thought I should do something and not just stay at home. Haha. Originally, I planned to go to Yokohama, or Kamakura even, to go for a stroll. I changed my mind at the last minute since I felt it was going to be too hot to walk around.

I ended up going to the library with Take. It was good for two reasons. First, I got to do some work I wanted to do. Second, it's my first time at this library and this library is awesome. It's a three stations away from the house. It's relatively new. I'm defo going to go back to this library many times.

Around 4PM, Take and I left the library. He headed to the gym. I was tempted to go home but I told my self I should do something.

So I decided to go to Yasukuni Shrine to check out the festival. It turned out to be a really good decision. There was a mikoshi parade. The lanterns were awesome. There was something spiritual and festive about the whole event. I wish I had a yukata though. Haha! At the last minute, my new friend(?) CS joined me. He's from Malaysia but he's been in Japan forever. After checking out the festival at Yasukuni, we walked to Jimbocho for dinner and walked again to Ochanomizu for coffee/dessert.

Great Sunday! =)

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