Sunday, April 29, 2018

Another near miss...

I went out on a date last night. It wasn't really planned. He was one of the guys I chatted with months ago but we never got the chance to meet up.

Anyway, last night our schedules matched and we agreed to have dinner.

It was good. I actually enjoyed. We went to an izakaya around Okachimachi.

I say it was good because the conversation flowed naturally. There were no awkward moments. Plus, I thought it was a good sign because we sort of had a number of things in common: he liked the outdoors; he's interested in similar movies; he likes walking.

As we were about to end dinner, I asked him if he wanted to walk around Ueno Park. He agreed so I thought it was a good sign.

I thought it was also a good sign because he agreed to go walking even though he lived in a neighboring prefecture and even though he had to wake up early today due to work.

Anyway, this morning, I messaged him and invited him to do dinner but he said he wanted to go home immediately after work.

That's my sign I guess.

Another near miss. When will I ever get it right? Lol!


  1. What a let down for you again. Perhaps in life, if we give our time and money and expects no returns, we will not be disappointed. By now you should know better how pretentious some folks could be. It is all about the culture issues which I have hinted before.

    1. Heya, Mr. Twilight Man. That's true. I thought I was already getting good at not having expectations but I fall for a trap every time. Haha! I need armour! Enjoy your week!