Monday, February 16, 2015

Staycation coming soon...

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I'm looking forward to Wednesday. It'll be a half day at the office. And after that, the next two days shall be a holiday because of the Chinese New Year.

Previously, I don't really look forward to it as the entire city shuts down. I don't get to see my Singaporean friends because they're all in their own homes. My Filipino and non-Chinese friends, on the other hand, were either traveling or preoccupied with something else. Thus, it becomes quite a lonely two days. hehe!

Thankfully, this year would be different as I will be going on a staycation with Mon, Rich and Ian. While we're here in Singapore, Chris, @MkSurf8 and @RKGreg will be in Tokyo. It would have been awesome to be able to join them but alas, my resources are already being allotted for Cambodia and two other trips towards the end of the year. Hehe!

In any case, I'm just glad that I would be spending the few days with good friends.

Looking forward to the Lunar New Year as it is my year! It better be goooood! Hehe!

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