Sunday, February 8, 2015

Packed Saturday... what's new...

I just got back a few minutes ago.

This is going to be a very quick post as I need to be heading to lalaland very soon. By very soon, I mean 1130 at the latest. That's because I plan to be up tomorrow by 630 and be on the way to the city by 730. Tomorrow will be a packed day again.

But tomorrow is tomorrow. I'll write about today.

It was a full day as well. As expected, I was up before 7AM. I called my Mom for FaceTime but I dun think she had the iPad right next to her. Either that or she didn't know how to answer the FaceTime call and my brother had already left for work.

With no FaceTime, I decided I'll just head out and have breakkie. It's a weekend so I treated myself to noodles at the nearby kopitiam.

My next agenda was to go to the gym for Pump. I knew Jon was not available. I don't think Mon will be willing to travel all the way to the West. Hence, I decided to ask Ann Marie if she would be keen to join me for Pump. Unfortunately, she already had other morning plans. I still decided to head to WG early.

I figured I can have my morning coffee and start on a new book. After getting my usual kopi si upsized takeaway from Toastbox, I looked for one of the vacant benches at WG, took a seat and brought out my Kindle.

Because she was in the news recently, I finally decided I'd start on Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird. A former friend has been asking me to read the classic since my university days. Close to two decades later, I finally start on the book. Haha!

So far, it's been an interesting read. One thing I also like is that I'm coming across some new words and familiar words that needed to be refreshed in my memory - predilection, vapid, cowlick. The good thing about Kindle is I can handle the words and add a bookmark. Hehe!

Close to 11, I headed up to the gym so I can do a 20-minute run before queueing for Pump. Today's Pump was a killer. In particular, I found the shoulders track more challenging than usual. As I expected, Bae missed a few sets and we all ended up raising the bar from chin to ceiling a lot more than what was needed. Haha! It was a good workout though. I'll go to Pump again tomorrow. Bae again. Different branch though.

Done with the gym, I headed back home and spent two hours studying while doing my laundry as well. The last plans for the day were anticipated Mass, dinner and movie.

Quite a productive day. I'm very sleepy now though. And I should go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day.


  1. in australia, we spell it as brekky! :)))))))))))))))) LOOOLL #hairflip #joke #diva say hi to bae bae for me!

    1. hahaha! :P kyompal, you want? LOOOOLLL! missing you at Pump. Lols!

    2. hahahaha miss you and bae! xoxo