Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kohi to Nihonjin...

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My appointment last night ended close to 10PM. Usually, I would rush back so I can get to bed asap to be able to wake up early the following day.

Thanks to working from home, there is no need to rush to the train station. I can stay out a little bit late and just ensure that I catch the last train heading to the West.

That's exactly what I did last night. Earlier in the evening, I arranged to meet up with a guy I recently chatted with. (Talk about creating new memories that fast. Lol! Kidding!)

Hmm, to be honest, I'm not too keen in meeting up with new people lately. As another friend said, it can be quite tiring. I agree. This guy I met up with has previously hinted that he was keen to meet up. I was just being lazy and came up with excuses to skip meeting up.

Monday night, I thought of asking him out to coffee. In the end, I decided I'll stay in my side of the island and just go to the library and study. Haha!

However, I did tell him that I will be in the city Tuesday nigt. I asked that if he was free, we can meet up though it'll be quite late.

Fast forward to last night, we met up at Raffles Place MRT station. Since it was late, there were hardly any people at the station. In fact, he was the only person standing outside the 7-11. Hmm, this was good because I don't remember how he looks like. I may have deleted the photo and I dun have the app anymore. I dun even remember which app we met in. Yikes.

Anyway, so I saw him, said hi and we agreed to go to the Starbucks at One Fullerton. He was a nice guy. Japanese. He's been around Singapore for just 7 months. He's struggling with his English, although he can converse. I was testing with him the little Japanese that I know. Haha! I remarked how we were in the same boat somehow. There he was finding his English words and I, finding my Japanese words. Lol.

It was a nice meetup though. We managed to talk about work, Japan, holidays, weekends, living in Singapore, friends living in Japan. He has been to Cebu and Bohol! He mentioned that he visited those beautiful islands with his partner. Okay, I didn't know that part about him. Lol! I'm going to write another post about that topic.

We decided to call it a night close to 11PM. I was getting sleepy and I needed to catch the train. Hehe! Nice Tuesday night though. Patting myself on the back for putting myself out there. Lol!

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