Friday, February 27, 2015

Adios, February...

One day more and February is over. Just like that.

Whoa, whoa! What's the rush, 2015? Unless everything you have in store for me this year is awesome or much more awesome, slow down a bit. Haha!

I had to go to the office today. We had a department Chinese New Year lunch along with the lo hei (prosperity toss). On the way to work I realised what day it was and I couldn't help but think, "Farck, it's already March!"

The year started on a good note, I must say. It's a little too early to have a "looking back" reflection. A quick review though and yeah, it has been a good start - started docent training for another museum; taking up another class just for enrichment; booked cheapo flights flights to Cambodia (somewhat surprise gift for Mom), Kuala Lumpur (to finally visit I-van since he moved there); Manila (in November), and Japan (the major trip for the year; US will have to wait again!)

There is not much news regarding work. Things at work are, as a local saying goes, "Steady lah!" I do have some career-related plans in my head. I will need to revisit those plans come middle of the year.

In the relationship department, hmm, it didn't start right this year with the disappearance of HB Boy. There is an ongoing like-hate relationship with a few phone apps. A tiny part of me is consciously struggling to avoid entering a drastic change of view on dating and relationships. Haha!

Last night, I made a note about "change" and wanting some change. I can hear myself (or is it the Big Guy up there?) saying, "You want change, but what have you been doing?" I did start taking some steps to create change, but I guess they're not enough to create the kind of change that I want. Patience. More than change, what I need now it patience. Add to that a generous amount of faith. Haha!

If I were to crudely summarise my thoughts at the moment, I would say I'm going through some kind of Dom phase. By Dom, I mean Dom the character in HBO Series Looking. I'm looking for something more permanent. I want something more permanent.

How many more Hail Marys does this Mary have to do before prayers are answered? Just kidding.

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