Sunday, March 1, 2015

I can still stay up all night for a hohol...

Oh, what a night!

Earlier last week, MkSurf8 messaged saying he was organising a post-CNY dinner at his place. His message included a "No Cinderella exit, okay?" portion. Hehe! Thankfully, Module 2 of the volunteer training hasn't started yet. And because I knew last night's gathering was going to be an all-nighter, I reserved Sunday morning for recovery. Also, I already attended the Sunset Mass yesterday because I knew that I most probably would not have time for Mass today given my other plans for Sunday afternoon.

Last night started at close to 10PM. It started with a bottle of whiskey paired with Coke regular, three kinds of cheese, a bowl of chips, french fries and chicken nuggets. The night ended with I'm not sure how many bottles of white wine and red wine, several opened bags of chips and cheese blocks that were less than a quarter of their original size. Hehe!

It was a good thing I took a one-hour nap yesterday afternoon. Otherwise, I wouldn't know how I would be up all night. Or maybe, and I'm quite sure of it, it was the company that kept me going. We were a small group composed of the usual suspects I hang out with when I moved to SG. Chris was the only one MIA since he is overseas. Mon and Richie, who I thought would miss the gathering since the latter is flying out tonight, surprised us when they said that they'll be going to MkSurf8's place. One of the girls from MkSurf8's harem also joined us last night. It indeed is a small world because the girl's Mom and Mon's Mom are friends.

So 10じから 4じはまで です, it was just non-stop conversation about almost every topic that came to mind. The conversations are one of my favourite things about the gatherings. I can't drink as much anymore since I don't want to risk getting a gout attack. It sucks but what to do, yeah?

I reached home close to 6AM. I was up at 9AM, went back to sleep for an hour, had brunch, and now typing this post. I wish to write more but I have to get going for Sunday afternoon plans.

Thank you, MkSurf8 and RKGreg, for organising the hohol last night!

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  1. we downed a bottle of JD, 3 whites and 2 reds hahaha twas fun! thanks for coming! see you next saturday