Monday, March 16, 2015

Work, work, work Monday...

Since the weekend was packed with activities outside of the house, it was only this morning that I got to do house chores and errands that I needed to do.

I got up at 620AM. There were a few things that I wanted to do. The top two were laundry and grocery. Realising that I still had a lot of time before the nearby Fair Price opens, I decided to dump my dirty clothes in the washing machine first before heading out to do the grocery.

Monday morning is perhaps the best time to do grocery. Everyone, almost everyone, is at work. There are no queues. Going from aisle to aisle is a breeze. I pretty much have the same list or I know the things that I need. So, it doesn't take me a long time to buy stuff. Even if there was no queue at the regular counter, I still prefer to go to the self-service checkout counter. Hehe! I kinda enjoy scanning the items I bought and bagging them myself.

From the grocery, I headed back. With enough time still, I cooked breakfast. Then, I went to my room and changed the sheets. Afterwards, I turned on my laptop and logged on to the work network. There was still a lot of time before the work day started. That allowed me to go back to the wash area to take care of my laundry. Hehe!

One good thing about telecommuting - one can do his house work before the office work. Haha!

The day went by. There isn't much happening with work, which is good.

By 6, I left the house and went to the Choa Chu Kang Library. I spent a good two hours just working on my Japanese language assignments and studying for the class tomorrow. Two hours is not enough. :-( The last stop for today before heading back is the gym. To be honest, I was tempted to skip the gym because I was rather sleepy. Thankfully, I reminded myself of all the sinful stuff I ate at the picnic. That was more than enough to get me to drag myself to the gym.

Now, I'm just resting a bit before calling it a night. It was a rather long Monday. Week started good though. :)

Thank you, Lord.

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