Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Random Tuesday night post...

Just a random post for the day.

Not much happened at work today. In the morning, I had to attend a presentation via WebEx. The presenter was in Australia, I think. I dunno where all the other participants are from. Still, I found it cool that technology allows us to have such activities. I remember we used to talk about such possibilities back in university. Now, it is actually happening.

After work, I just headed to Raffles Place for my language classes. The course will be ending soon. Three more sessions to go. I want to try another school, but let's see. Hopefully, the schedule will of the other school will fit into my schedule. Then, there's that level check that I need to go through with the school I want to get into. :-S Anyway, let's see how it will go.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have a some sort of session to augment my language learning. Hmm again, let's see how it will go. I'll definitely blog about it in the evening.

Right now, I'm just sleepy. Haha! おやすみなさい!