Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy birthday, RKGreg...

The past two Saturdays are quite an achievement for me. The achievement is that I went to a hohol and I stayed waaay past midnight. Hehe!

Last week, it was a casual gathering at MkSurf8's place. This weekend, it was a birthday gathering for RKGreg.

I knew that the gathering would be an all-nighter. Hence, I didn't make any plans for Sunday morning. In addition to that, I attended the Saturday sunset Mass just to be sure that I've fulfilled my Sunday obligations. I also took a power nap on Saturday afternoon to ensure that I will be able to stay up all night.

RKGreg booked a room at St. Regis in Orchard. It's my first time to see the hotel and wow, just wow! The lobby is impressive. What really caught my attention were the numerous art pieces found around the lobby. In fact, art pieces already welcome hotel guests even before they reach the concierge. There's an Anthony Poon sculpture by the dropoff area. At the lobby, I saw a Frank Gehry and two Cheong Soo Piengs. How awesome is that!

Going to the party, Mon and I met at the lobby around 930 before going up to the party venue aka Room 311. The room is just nice, just nice! There was a table on which plates of chicken lollipop, hotdog and marshmallow sticks, lumping shanghai, cheese sticks, meatballs awaited guests. The one that excited me the most though was the biko! Haha! Dunno why RKGreg thought of biko but seriously, I was so happy to see biko!

The party started with just about 7 people, including me and Mon. In less than an hour, the number was close to tripling. Hehe!

Because it was RKGreg's birthday, I had an excuse to have a few more glasses of alcohol than I usually have. I was armed with my pain medicines in case I get a gout attack the following morning. Recently, MkSurf8 intro'd me to this wonderful whiskey named Maker's Mark. It's the best! I really, really love the taste. I've gone a long way since university in terms of the alcohol I drink. Haha! From San Mig Light to Vodka Sprite to Vodka Cranberry to Mojitos and now, whiskey/bourbon. Hehe! I still avoid wine because it really triggers the gout. Hehe!

Along with the fanatic food and drinks was of course, fanatic conversation. From 930 up until the time that we left (around 430AM), everyone just kept on talking and taking photos (of course!) and eating and drinking. Hehe! I really enjoyed myself!

Thank goodness there was also neither hangover nor gout the following day. Yay!

Happy, happy, happy birthday again, RKGreg! Hope this year will be even more awesome for you! Btw, I used the app you showed me for the photo above. Hehe!


  1. walang HO talaga yang whisky na yan :) ako ang pasimuno ng biko lol!

    1. Salamat at ipinakilala mo ko sa Maker's Mark! :D Panalo talaga yong biko! :D