Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hazy day but still productive...

The haze today is really bad. When I was on my way home about an hour ago, Richie was telling me that the PSI reading already climbed up to 313. In short, it has reached hazardous levels.

This is a bit of a surprise because I actually thought the burning was over. We've seen significant improvement in the air quality these past few days. Uhm, hello, I even managed to go for a nature walk last Sunday. What happened? Lol!

I usually have a mask in my bag. Today, of all the days, I didn't put it in my bag. Haha! I left the house a little after 9. When I reached Jurong East, that was when I saw how bad the air was. For a split second, I actually contemplated heading back home.

However, I thought the condition would eventually get better. I had a schedule in my head and I did want to keep that schedule today. Stubborn me.

The first agenda was to go to the gym. Today is Pump day. I went to the gym at Amara because the Pump class was at 11AM. I thought it was perfect for my sched today. On the way to the gym, I messaged Ian because I suspected he was also going for Pump. I was right. However, he planned to go to another branch.

We just agreed to meet up after for lunch. I was also borrowing his camera so I can use during my trip. Good thing I messaged him before he left the house. He was able to bring the camera with him.

Ian and I had lunch at Toss & Turn, which is starting to be a default go-to place when craving for yummy healthy food. Haha!

Afterwards, we did some errands at LP and Far East before heading to 10 Scott at Grand Hyatt Hotel. It turned out that he needed to work. I also needed a place to park myself and do the stuff I planned to do. Thank, Ian, for telling me about 10 Scott. I have I'll be going there again whenever I need some nice place for coffee and reading.

Ian left around 330 since he was going to see a movie with one of his friend, I decided to stay behind for another 45 minutes. Richie and I agreed to have dinner and he only gets off work at 7.

When I left Grand Hyatt, that's when I saw that the haze got even worse. Really, really grateful to Ian because he carried an extra mask with him. I just quickly walked over to Ngee Ann City because I wanted to look for some books at Kinokuniya. I spent a good hour or so at Kino. Then, I crossed over to Paragon to check Times bookstore and Muji.

When I left Paragon, I just had enough time to reach Korat Thai's opening time. The place only opens at 7PM. When I reached the place, there were still no customers waiting for the place to open. I just went ahead and got a table for me and Richie. That turned out to be a good decision because other diners started arriving immediately.

Richie already knew what he wanted to eat so I was able to order for both of us before he even arrived. Dinner was seafood fried rice, pad thai, and chicken omelette.

So, that's basically how the day went. A few activities but I thought the day was well spent. Hehe! Now, I'm just waiting for laundry to be done and then I'll be off to lalaland. Tomorrow is a special day. I need to have enough hours of sleep. Haha!

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