Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A look back at how I did in the dating and relationship department...

While I was in the train on my way home from the gym, I started thinking about how the year went.

I dunno why but I thought about how I did in the dating & relationship department. Maybe because some random guy who was a Pump newbie asked for my help to set up his bar and stuff.

Anyway, it was a so so year in the dating & relationship department.

The year didn't start very well in that area. There was HB Boy who vanished into thin air. Lol! I never got to find out what happened to him. After contacting him via Skype, iMessage, Viber, Whatsapp, Gmail, I figured he's gone. A part of me felt that we could've had a good thing together, but my good friends helped me realise it wasn't the truth.

Then there's JKT Boy. Asshat that I am, I broke his heart resulting in me getting unfriended and blocked on Facebook. We had a good thing while it lasted. Unknown to friends, I was seeing JKT Boy for three months. I only told MonRich about him when it was over. For awhile, JKT Boy and I kept in touch. We hung out, talked to each other, until we got into some sort of argument. He accused me of certain things, which I couldn't accept.

After some time, he took back the things he said and things went back to normal. Then, it was his turn to be the asshat. When I realised that I was unfriended and blocked, I also realised that I made the right decision to not get into anything serious. He is still a boy.

Lastly, there's CD Guy. After a few glasses of whiskey Coke, I was buzzed and got too close to CD Guy. That hohol was followed by a few times of going out and messaging. Then one morning, we got into a misunderstanding. Again, I was accused of being something. To break the convo, I said I'll just have lunch. When I returned from lunch, CD Guy delivered the "Let's just be friends" message.

Haha! Oh well... So that was that in the dating & relationship department. Hmm, I think I went out for dinner with two or three other people but nothing came out of it. It's okay, though.

When I returned from my Japan trip, I realised that I could actually be okay being on my own for now. The other part of me is yearning for permanency. I do want to settle down already whether it's with someone or by myself - I'm okay with either. I just want to have some semblance of permanence in my life.

Richie said I like to do that - to have a look back at the year that was. I told him I do it because it reminds me of things I should be grateful for, things I can improve on, things I want to change.

Change. That's the broad theme I want for my 2016.

Let's see how.