Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New postcards...

I got new postcards.

One was from Japan, the other one was from Stockholm.

A few days ago, Dean tagged me in an Instagram post. His post was of a postcard that he was going to mail. Five days later, the postcard arrived. I was impressed how fast the postcard arrived. Maybe it's the combined efficiency of the Japan postal system and the Singapore postal system. Hehe!

I was happy to see the postcard because it is my first postcard from Japan. I did send myself a postcard from Kawagoe, but the postcard from Dean is of course a thousand times better.

The other night, the postcard from Stockholm was waiting in my room when I arrived.

It could only be from one person - Coly. I love how Coly now regularly sends me postcards wherever she goes in Europe. Deeply, deeply grateful for her thoughtfulness. What was extra special about the Sweden postcard was that there was also a note from Luise. Apparently, they met up in Stockholm. So cool!

MonRich will be heading to Europe in a few days. I'm asking the lovebirds to send me a postcard from Florence. Haha!

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