Monday, May 2, 2016

Relaxed Monday...

It's a public holiday today! Yay!

However, I still did some work this morning. It's okay. One of the projects I'm handling at the moment involves publishing a book. The materials need to be with the press by middle of May. Hence, it's been quite busy busy these past few weeks.

Last night, I slept before 10. That was because I wanted to wake up this morning to go for a run. I woke up at 6. Uhm, I was really tempted to stay in bed. Thankfully, I managed to drag myself out of the house by half past six and I went for a 4K run.

After lunch, I met up with Shane and Kok Kuan to catch The Jungle Book. The movie was okay. It was more for kids than adults.

Right after the movie, I headed back because I wanted to do some organising and stuff.

It's a chill Monday. Yay!


  1. They say the most relaxing thing to do when you are stressed is to do the simple stuff. Folding clothes, cleaning the house or organizing your room. It keeps the mind and body occupied without exerting to much effort.