Thursday, April 26, 2018

Two new hobbies... sort of...

Last month, my ex was in town and he said, "Make sure you stop to smell the roses."

That kind of stayed with me. I've been working my big, fat a** off every day like crazy. I do find some time to enjoy but I feel that I'm not really making the most of life in Japan.

So starting next month, I've decided to get myself into two new things.

Hopefully, they'll both be good. Hehe!


  1. Japan and Singapore are so different as you could see. I wonder which city you love better?

    1. Haha! Tough question. Ask me again after a few years. ;)

    2. My answer is Japan of course. You can drive around the Lion City in 15 minutes but you need more than 15 days to drive around whole Japan. So much to see, explore and indulge!!! They have the most awesomely unique culture and good environment plus perfect infrastructure in the world.. Just enjoy your good fate to be able to work & live there if you compare with those who live in the Smoky Mountains. That place woke me up till today after my visit.