Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Everyone's moving on..

Everyone seems to be leaving...or just moving to somewhere else.

Everyone... including one of my favourite Body Pump/Body Combat instructors. Boo!

Before the class started tonight, he made the announcement that tonight was his last Combat class for that particular sched. He added that his last day with the gym was on Monday, 24 Nov. Afterwards, he will be packing his bags and going overseas.

Where he is headed, he didn't mention.

It's just a bit sad because he is one of my fave instructors.

I intended to thank him and wish him well on his new adventure after the class ends. However, I didn't get to do it because of bad timing. Usually, he lingers in the GX studio after class. By the time I head out of the gym, that's the only time he would be heading back to the locker room.

Tonight, however, he was early at the locker room. Either that or I was moving at such a glacial pace. When I was about to head out, he was just about to hit the shower half-naked with only a towel wrapped around his waist. It felt awkward to stop him and chitchat. Haha!

There goes my chance to say buh bye and good luck! Oh, well... maybe I'll just message him on FB.

In other news, the guy replacing him is also a good one. The guy is also a confirmed... double confirmed. Lol! Quite a chatty guy. We'd say hi/hello in the gym. So now, looks like I'll be seeing more of him.

Anyway, good luck to you, RC! Thanks for being such an awesome instructor!

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