Monday, November 3, 2014

Walks, talks, gray areas...

November had a rather interesting start.

For the first time, HB Boy and I spent 80% of Saturday and Sunday together.

It was only 80% because I had my museum commitment on Saturday morning, while HB Boy had his dragonboat commitment in the afternoon.

Our weekend started with dinner at The Wine Connection at Robertson Quay. I figured the area would be a nice place, in case we do go for a walk after dinner.

My usual order at Wine Connection is the bolognese. It's my favorite and it has never disappointed. Over the weekend though, I tried something else on the menu. It was a good decision as I did enjoy the dish that I ordered.

Just like my favorite bolognese, The Wine Connection didn't disappoint. HB Boy enjoyed the food and the wine. Hmm, I felt the serving portion was just right but I have to admit I felt stuffed after finishing our yum dinner.

We agreed on having dessert, but we decided to go for a walk around the area first. Lol! Going for walks really seems to be "our" thing.

Walks and talks. Haha!

Sunday morning, the day started with a little sun and going to the pool. I'm learning that he really likes the pool or maybe swimming. I like the pool and the sea, too. But I'd rather be under the sun, with a cold drink and a good book. Lol! I did join him in the pool though. Thankfully, the only other people using the pool were three boys and a father and son tandem. No one had to see that I can't swim. Haha!

Visit to the pool was then followed by a visit to a ramen place in Liang Court. I haven't been to Liang Court in a long time since there's nothing to see there. I was really happy to learn that Marutama Ramen had a branch in the sleepy mall. The best thing was we didn't have to queue. Yay!

From Clarke Quay, we had to drop by Paya Lebar to get something from Mon. This was already around 230PM. Before reaching Richie and Mon's place, HB Boy asked if we could go to IMM afterwards.

For a while, I thought we would be heading back separately but the manboy still had energy left in him. Lol! Good thing the train ride from Paya Lebar to Jurong East was close to an hour. I managed to get a short nap, while HB Boy was glued to his Kindle.

The next four to five hours were spent shopping and having dinner. I didn't buy anything as I really didn't need anything. There was also nothing interesting at IMM for me. Lol! HB Boy, on the other hand, ended up buying three pairs of shoes and clothes for him and his Dad. He wanted to get something for his Mom as well, but I think the shop is in Ion or somewhere in Orchard. Haha!

By the time we finished dinner and headed to the MRT, I have to admit that I was already dead tired. As soon as I reached my place, the sight of my bed in my room has never been so inviting.

It was one of those nights when I knew I was going to crash way before my usual bedtime. As expected, I was already in deep slumber by 930.

The short weekend with HB Boy was good. I may have said in a previous post that it was only in Singapore that I began to fully understand the concept of "dating." I'm going to say it again now.

Also, I have always been clear about hating the gray area. Well, surprise, surprise. For HB Boy and NB Boy, the gray area was sort of comfortable. I never thought I would say that ever. Haha!

Curious to see where this will go.


  1. Good to know your relationship with HB Boy is on a mutual state. Abangan ko ang updates sa inyo. hehehehe... maybe next weekend its gonna be 101%

    1. Hmm, it's not a relationship as in a relationship. Haha! Just dating, that's all. :)