Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Hoholloween...

Friday night was HOHOL time at MkSurf8 and RKGreg's place.

I thouhgt it was going to be the usual get-together until talk about what costume to wear started.

I don't recall the last time I wore a costume for Halloween.

The only vivid recollection I have was some time in mid-2000 when a bunch of friends - Richie, Suki, Xoch, Edsel, Omar - and I wore somewhat religious garb and walked the streets of Malate and Makati.

Suki was then driving a station wagon type of car with no tint. Just imagine the reaction of people in the cars next to us seeing 5 men dressed as nuns and one man in a bishop's attire. Haha!

That was one memorable night.

This time, I did not have the chance to really prep for Halloween. I had a costume in mind. However, I had to rethink the costume as I could not meet up with the friend who was supposed to lend me a costume. With not a lot of time in my hands before the party, I just decided to buy a crown and wear one of my black tops. Initially, I was just thinking of wearing one of my normal long/sleeved shirts. Then I realised this was a good opportunity to bring out one of the CDG Shirt pieces I got. Hehe!

It was a good decision to make a tiny effort to dress up because everyone else did the same - Mon had a skull head gear, Tipz had a tiger mask, Richie had a werewolf's paw. Chris was a hippie, while RKGreg and MkSurf8 were characters from those horror movies. A few other guests made a ll the effort to dress up as someone. Well done, K and A!

Thanks mucho MkSurf8 and RKGreg for hosting yet another great party! :D


  1. I have never tried dressing up for Halloween. looks like a fun thing to do next year

    1. Haha! You should try it. It IS fun! :D