Sunday, April 5, 2015

Short long weekend...

The long weekend is too short. Lol!

Friday and Saturday were both spent away from home together with friends. It was mostly good and a bit not so good. It was good because time with friends is always fun and enjoyable. It was not so good because I still have not yet fully recovered from being unwell and here I am tiring myself with all these activities. Lol!

My sore throat is gone. It has now turned into dry throat with sticky phlegm. Lol. Too much info?! I haven't gone back to the doctor. I think I'll go again tomorrow just to get meds from the throat. There has been no fever since Wednesday. That's good.

Anyway, so about the last two days...

Friday. Twelve hours in JB with Miru and Bernard. It was nice of them to invite me to tag along with them. Since it was a long weekend, I already expected that getting out of Singapore and getting past the Malaysian immigration would take hours. It did. About three hours in all. Thankfully, I was with the guys. We just chatted as the queue at Malaysian immigration moved at a glacial pace. Once we were out of immigration, we headed to KSL for a Japanese lunch. The good thing about JB is you get good food at half the Singapore price. Hehe! Stuffed from lunch, the guys went for a haircut while I chose to hangout at CBTL and waited for them. I brought them to Fizzio where we all had a good 90-minute foot reflexology treatment and back massage for RM80. Our last stop for the trip was City Square for dessert and dinner before heading back to Singapore. :)

Saturday. I had enough rest from my Friday trip and I managed to wake up in time to meet Mon and Ian at MBFC. We all agreed to go for Pump. I'm glad Mon asked to go to Pump. It would be cruel of me to ask him to go all the way to Westgate, so we just agreed to go for the Pump at MBFC. It was my first time at MBFC and the view was wow! I'm quite sure I'll go there again soon. Hehe!

After Pump, the three of us headed to Lau Pa Sat for lunch. Ian then did some of his errands while I went with Monay back to their place. He wanted to get some clothes for our second gym session for the day. Yep, Mon and I met up with Ian again at Cathay around 230PM. This time, it was for the 340 Combat class. Haha! I was sooooo tired after!

From Cathay, we went to Marina Square to meet up with Richie. Dinner was at the belacan fish place near Richie and Mon's house. It was a good meal to reward ourselves for the two crazy gym classes for the day. After dinner, we just walked over to Richie and Mon's and spent the next few hours chitchatting and having some drinks. It was a good Saturday.

Today was a rather slow and relaxed day. I decided I will not do much. I was successful in doing so. Aside from my one-hour Japanese lessons via Skype and church in the evening, I spent most of the day doing some other online errands and watching my series.

I wish the holiday could be much longer though. Haha...

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