Monday, April 13, 2015

A very long Saturday with some good friends...

The past few days have been extremely busy.

That explains the reason behind the delay in posts. There have been quite a few things I've been wanting to write about. It is only now that I am finally able to sit down and face the laptop. Hehe!

Okay, let's begin...


Last weekend, two of my good friends, I-van and Moi, were in town. The former, a recent transplant to KL from Manila, had to fly to Singapura for work. Moi, on the other hand, was in KL for his holiday and he naturally had to go with I-van to SG. Two holidays in one. Yay!

The pair arrived in Singapore last Wednesday. However, as I wrote in a previous post, I've been unwell last week so it was only last Saturday that I finally got to meet up with them. I thought I'd make up for the missed Wednesday and Thursday night hohols by ensuring that I spend time with them as early as possible.

Thankfully, I-van is also somewhat a morning person like me. He was already at the hotel lobby waiting for me when I arrived a few minutes past 8. We started a bit of chitchat while waiting for Moi, who arrived a not long after.

We spent an hour having breakfast before heading to our first destination for the day - Gardens by the Bay. It's my second time to visit the tourist destination. I thought I would be seeing the same things as I did the last time I went there with Mom. To my pleasant surprise, there was a special exhibit that featured tulips from the Netherlands. I had a good time going around the Flower Dome admiring the beautiful flowers flown in from the Netherlands as it brought back beautiful memories of my favourite city in Europe (as of now). Hehe!

We skipped The Cloud Forest and instead headed to Plaza Singapura for an early lunch. Moi hasn't tried Tim Ho Wan yet, even if there is one in Manila. That made it easy for us to decide where lunch would be. Mon, who was also feeling unwell, arrived shortly and joined us. Yay! We ordered quite a lot. It was okay though because we managed to finish everything. Haha!

The next destination was the Peranakan Museum. Moi has been going around the previous days visiting some of the museums. I suggested we visit the Peranakan Museum since he and I-van enjoyed the Baba and Nyonya House in Malacca. Unfortunately, we couldn't join a guided tour as we were pressed for time. I think the Peranakan Museum should be visited with a guided tour. That will help one have a better understanding of the very interesting and unique Peranakan culture.

The final stop before heading back to the hotel was Kinokuniya, where Jon met up with us. I-van wanted to look for a particular book, Dana Thomas's Gods and Kings. Not only was he able to find a copy of the book, he was able to purchase a copy autographed by the author. How awesome! I was initially tempted to buy it as well, but decided to probably just get the Kindle version. I really should stop accumulating all these heavy books! Lol! It will be a nightmare transporting the books once the day I move to another country comes.

Tired from all the walking, we had a quick dessert at Ion before going back to the hotel. Moi and I-van then headed to the airport for their respective flights to Manila and KL. Meanwhile, I went with Mon back to his and Richie's place for siesta and to wait for Richie to come home so we can all have dinner together.

It was a long day that started at 6AM. I reached home past midnight. That was because I went back with Mon and Richie to their place after dinner so that we can watch a few episodes of Looking season 1. Hehe!

What a happy Saturday it was! Tiring but I'm glad that I was already almost fully recovered and more importantly, I got to spend QT with friends I have known for more than a decade.

As this is already a lengthy one, what happened on Sunday deserves another blog post ...

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