Thursday, October 1, 2015

Just before I fly...

Typing this entry from one of the many free Internet terminals at Changi Airport. One of the many reasons to love this airport. Haha!

I woke up around 3AM. My flight is at 8AM, but I figured I'll head to Changi early. What's new? I'm always early at the airport anyway.

For a second, I thought of taking the train from home to the airport. However, I decided against it when I saw that the first train from my place departs at 530AM. That would see me rushing, rushing, rushing. Haha!

So last night, I booked a cab to pick me up this morning at 4AM.

A few minutes before 4, I messaged the cab driver requesting him to SMS me when he is already at the parking lot near my block. He promptly replied saying that he is three minutes away.

By 4, I left my place and took the lift down. When I walked over to the parking area, the white Merc was already there. The trunk was already open so that I can put my luggage.

When the cab driver saw me, he quickly got out of his car and greeted me a very cheerful "Good morning!" He then walked over and said, "Allow me to help you with your luggage!"

Wah, I'm so impressed. I let him do the heavylifting and I made my way to the passenger seat.

Mr. Cab Driver then says, "You should enter on the left side of the car. There will be more space for you." I follow Mr. Cab Driver. When I got in, I noticed that he already pulled the front seat forward so that there is more leg room for me.

Wah, I'm even more impressed!

It was a nice, smooth drive to Changi. As it turns out, I made the right decision to be fetched at 4AM. We reached Changi 20 minutes before 5. Along the way, Mr. Cab Driver and I made some small talk. I asked him about his work. He asked me about living in Singapore. What a nice, nice cabbie!

The whole cab fare cost me an arm and a leg (lol!), but I thought it was worth it. I just met the most professional cab driver ever! My other thought was, "Hmm, this is how cab service should really be in the first place. But because I dun experience such kind of service every time I take a cab, I get surprised when I get a good customer service experience! Haha!"

Oh well, if the cab ride is an indication of how this trip will be, then it will be awesome...

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