Saturday, October 24, 2015

What happened today...

Morning activity: I woke up at 630AM. Original plan was to go for a run around the neighbourhood. Scrapped the plan when I saw that the PSI reading was 204. Instead, I did some online baking to settle some bills. Afterwards, I prepped to head out of the house. Today was the orientation for people who are interested to volunteer for the National Museum of Singapore. I volunteered to help out.

Event finished at 130PM. Just like last time, I crashed the lunch plans of Gen and Zuraidah. Hehe! We went to a nice cafe place just next to the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul. It was a good place because the proceeds go to charity.

From Bras Basah, it was a short walk to the National Library. I had another errand but since my friend's sister was not replying, I just decided to make other plans. That meant going to the National Library to study.

Around 430PM, I left the library and crossed the street to attend the Sunset Mass at the Church of St. Joseph. The homily was good, very good!

Last agenda for the day was dinner and drinks with Richie. We had a feast for two at Grandma's Raffles City. Then we walked back to Suntec and spent some time chitchatting at Ginza Lion Beer Hall. I was so excited when I saw that the place served umeshu. It really is my fave. Richie also liked it. Hehe!

Now, I'm typing with one eye close. I'm falling asleep. Lol. It's the umeshu. Or maybe it's the haze. Or the packed day? Whatever it is, I'm ready to sleep...

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