Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy birthday, friend...

Back to the gym today. I went for the usual Thursday night Pump class at the gym closest to my house.

I've been taking it easy though because I'm trying to be kinder to my knees. Hmm, it must be aging. Haha! I don't feel any pain and I am able to walk properly. I do feel some stiffness on my right knee. I hope it's nothing. Ugh! I should pay a visit to the doctor this weekend, I suppose.

The other highlight of the week is the birthday of good friend Richie. A couple of years ago, his closest friends, including myself, committed the biggest offence against him when we all forgot to greet him. Yes, it happened! That was a reminder that we've been too reliant on social media to remind us of a friend's birthday. My other excuse was I watched a play that night and I was on cloud nine because I had a photo with Lea Salonga, Menchu Lauchengco, and Adrian Pang. Hehe!

Anyway, after that major blunder, none of us ever forgot Richie's birthday ever again. Hehe! This year, he decided to go celebrate in Manila. Unfortunately, I was already back in Singapore. The original plan was to have a feast at his place this Saturday with the rest of the becks. However, Richie's mom had to postpone her trip and as a result, the feast was also postponed. Hehe!

Still, a small, simple celebration was held on the eve of his birthday. We had dinner at one of his favorite places followed by drinks at a nearby drinking place.

Happy birthday to one of my long-time friends! We've been friends for more than a decade and counting! I definitely admire and respect him for having the courage to be vocal about his beliefs! :D

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