Thursday, November 24, 2016

Freeezinggg... brrr...

So, today, I had my first experience of extremely freezing weather.

Ever since I moved to Tokyo, it has become my habit to check the weather forecast for the day. I rely on the Weather app a lot and so far it has been accurate.

I did see the forecast about the temperatures dropping to 2 degrees (even negative) but I'm stupid and decided to see if I can brave the weather. Lol!

Turns out I couldn't.

When I stepped out of the house this morning, I already felt that it was a different kind of cold today. I only had my trusty CDG scarf with me. Lol! Thankfully, it's only a 3-minute walk from the apartment to the train station.

By the time I reached my office, I was already freezing. I checked the Weather app again and there were no signs of the temp getting warmer today or anytime soon. For some reason, it also felt cold inside the learning center.

After my morning lessons, I had to go to the library in Kudanshita. The book I borrowed was due. I thought the return date was tomorrow. Good thing I checked it this morning and to my horror, I saw that the return date should have been last Monday.

The library is a short walk from Kudanshita Station but because of the weather, it took me forever. I was cursing every step of the way. Haha!

I decided I really have to get a coat. There's no escaping it.

Sooo, I headed to Ginza. I didn't want to spend too much on a coat so I thought of going to a certain department store. If I'm not mistaken, it's part of the Uniqlo family. The price points of the items are really good. I headed to the 5F and tried on a number of coats. I sent photos to some girl friends in Manila to get their opinions.

Well, guess what, I walked out of store empty handed. Haha! I decided I'll go first to my favorite store at the other side of Ginza to see if I can find any awesome piece.

I DID! And it only cost a few thousand yen more than the coats I was looking at.

The difference was I'm in love with the coat that I got. Nah, it's not Comme des Garcons. Again, I didn't want to spend too much on a coat since I know I'll store it in the closet come March next year. Hehe!

There were actually two choices. The other one was an Agnes B Homme. It was a light all black trench. I tried it on but I wasn't happy with the fit. I looked at the other racks and I just wasn't willing to pay the amount. Hehe!

I was almost decided to go back to the other store until I walked over to another rack that sold outerwear/coldwear. There I found it!

It didn't take me long to decide to get it. I thought it was really a steal. Hehe! Thank you, my dear store! You're so bad you're so good!


  1. Tokyo just snowed for the first time in 54 years and it was big news all over Facebook. It looked like wet sleet to me and not the powdery snow.
    Keep warm buddy.

    1. Yeah, it was more of sleet than snow! Everyone keeps telling me it's only going to get worse come January/February! Oh my!

    2. I will visit Sapporo Snow Festival in February. That place would be coldest in whole Japan.

  2. I always dream that I am walking in a very cold place but nah, even 20 degees for me is already very cold. So I just head to the mountainous provinces and spend my new year there with my jacket or sweater, scarf and a bonnet and viola, feels like winter! Great buy though for you.

    1. The freezing weather is insane! Even my co-instructors from California are complaining about it. Lol!