Sunday, November 13, 2016

The power of toasted bread...

In my current home, the wifi access is only limited to the common area - living room and kitchen. I'm not sure about the reason behind it but that's how things are. However, there are LAN ports in every room.

Since I moved in, I've been the only one (or so I think) who goes to the common area with his laptop to connect to the net. Hehe!

So I figured my other housemates prolly have a LAN cable or their own routers in their rooms. I could have gone to any of the electronics shop to get a LAN cable. However, I've been delaying it because I was fine working in the common area. It allowed me to say hi to the other housemates. I'm more concerned with looking for Comme des Garcons deals than a LAN cable. Haha! Priorities.

Anyway, I'm happy to write that I'm now finally typing this on my laptop in my room.

Yesterday morning, I woke up 30 minutes than my usual time. Since I had a lot of time, I figured I could have breakfast at home and save a few hundred yen.

When I got into the common area, my housemate Hiro* was there. He said he forgot his room key at the office so he ended up sleeping at the living room.

After the hi and hello, I opened the fridge and took out my stuff. I needed to buy some groceries again. I still had some hotdog, ham, cheese, butter, jam, but I only had three thick slices of bread left. There was also not much coffee left. Initially, I wanted to make a ham and cheese sandwich and a half strawberry jam sandwich for myself.

My parents raised me well though so I asked Hiro if he wanted some toast. First, I asked him if he wanted butter and jam on his toast. He said he just wanted butter. Stupid me, late did I realise I could also offer ham, cheese and hotdog. Haha! It was still way early I guess. My brain was not yet properly working. Anyway, I did end up offering him other stuff and in the end, I prepped two half ham/cheese toasts and a butter jam toast. I also offered him coffee. Thankfully, there was enough to fill up two mugs. Hehe!

Hiro and I started talking about work and stuff. I told him I needed to buy a LAN cable. Surprise, surprise. He said he has an extra one, which he could lend to me. Hooray!

He also had other stuff to say. Our neighbor is an okonomiyaki/monja place. Hiro told me that the son wants to practice his English because he's going to study in the US next year. Hiro said the family can't pay me in cash, but they were willing to give me good food. Hehe! In my head, I thought the son can afford to go to the US to study but they can't pay my measly fee. Hehe!

Of course, I'm just kidding. I'd be happy to do it for free because it's also good practice for me. I didn't say that, of course. I gave Hiro my free time sched and he said he'd talk to the family. Nice.

See how powerful toasted bread is! It can make a huge change in your life! LOL!

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