Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fall in love with fall...

The highlight of the day, or maybe the week is going to Icho Namiki to see the autumn foliage.

Originally, my plan today was go to the Van Gogh exhibit. However, my friend was late and I felt we didn't have enough time to explore the exhibit. Also, I was discouraged by the huge crowd of people visiting the exhibit. Well, it's my fault. It's Van Gogh! Of course, it'll be crowded.

So, instead I suggested we go to Icho Namiki. A client this morning told me about it and that it's a nice spot to see some autumn colors. He was right.

It's my first time to experience Fall and if only for the beautfiul spectacle of seeing brilliant colors, I'm loving fall. Lol!

The Icho Namiki is very near from Aoyama-Itchome Subway Station.


  1. I always loved the Fall seasons! They would calm all the stress as Winter is approaching with all the trees gone to sleep. Beautiful.

    You should post more photos as Tokyo has many gardens where they cleverly planted the trees in different myriad with red, brown and yellow shades of colours.

    You look smart dude in the photo!

    1. It's beautiful!!! :D I'll try to find time to go to the gardens! :)