Sunday, November 27, 2016

Terrace House on Netflix...

So I finally succumbed and signed up for a Netflix subscription. Haha!

I've been asking Tipz how to set up an account. Of course, I was too lazy to read about it. But I think Tipz is lazier to teach me how to set up my Netflix account. (Peace, Tipz!) Either way, it turns out it's super easy.

Just a few clicks and voila! I have Netflix. I'm still on the one-month trial. I don't know how much subscription costs in other countries but it's very affordable here in Japan.

People have reco'd shows to watch. So far, the only one I've started on is Terrace House. I thought I could find it on Youtube but I can't. Hehe!

It's entertaining. Plus, it's good practice for listening skills. I'm not watching the Tokyo season. There's also a new season that's shot in Hawaii. That's up next after I finish the Tokyo season. Some friends also reco'd The Crown. I'll find time for it.


  1. hahaha i wasnt too lazy! lol it's easier to set one up than to know how to type a blog entry :-p lol. i cant believe youve started with the hawaii one! it wont be until next quarter till it's catalogued here in aussie (i think). one of my fave parts of terrace house is the commentary the 6 people do. always hilarious! xxx

    1. Haha! I stopped watching Hawaii season. Will finish the Tokyo season first. :-)

  2. Everything is very efficient and fast in Japan, just like their bullet trains!