Friday, January 6, 2017

First visit to the doctor...

I've been fighting the colds for so long and it looks like I am almost close to losing the battle.

The other day, I know something was not right when my voice sounded deeper than it usually is. Even my coworker noticed it. Lol! While it's a nice thing, I defo knew something was not right.

So, yesterday, I paid a visit to a clinic near the house. Thankfully, there is a clinic nearby. And I'm a lucky boy because there was an English-speaking doctor on duty. I went to the clinic, waited for a few minutes, and was attended to. I'm not sure what the doctor prescribed but I felt better after taking one pill. It must be strong.

In addition to the meds, I also tripled my Vitamin C intake. Ugh, the last thing any foreign worker should want is to get sick in another country. It's costly. The good thing is I'm covered by the government insurance and I only paid 30% of the bill. Still, I'd prefer to pay a monthly rider insurance to cover that extra 30%. I should do some research about it.

Another blessing in disguise this week is that the lessons are slow. It's not good because I'm not earning any money without any lessons, but it's also a chance for me to go home after my morning shift and get some rest before heading back to work in the afternoon.

Winter is just about to start. I hope my body acclimatises asap...

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