Sunday, January 15, 2017

Found my neighbourhood sentou...

Ever since the first visit to an onsen, I've been wanting to make another visit again. Haha!

The thing is there are very few authentic onsens in Tokyo (I think). The next best thing was prolly the sentou (which is same same but different from an onsen).

Well, guess what, I was so glad when I learned that there's a sentou a stone's throw away from my apartment. Yay!

I meant to go the other night, but it was already closed when I checked it out.

Tonight, I got to visit the sentou. It's as local as you want it to be. The shoe lockers are made of wood. The reception is very simple and shared between the male and female sections. I made the stupid mistake of confusing the kanji for male and female and headed for the wrong section. Stupid gaijin. Haha!

The bath area was pretty small. It was okay because when I entered the bath area, there were only two other uncles. After rinsing myself, I went for the ofuro with the piping hot water. It was about 50 degrees Celsius, lol. I actually enjoyed it mainly because the weather outside was damn freezing.

I spent a good hour getting in and out of the ofuro and rinsing myself again. Of course, I felt super super clean again afterwards. I think I'll be a regular at this sentou...

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