Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year...

Something nice happened before 2016 ended...

I had a super nice date. The date was originally planned for 30 December, but the stars aligned and we met up two days earlier.

Rarely do I go out on dates, but this was one good first date. Lunch at a ramen shop in Ueno. A leisurely walk around Ueno Park. Coffee and relaxed conversations while sitting at one of the park benches.

It was a date that got extended into the night. I told you the stars aligned, I managed to get off work early. He decided he'd get me a pair of gloves to warm my hands and to take the last train back to his prefecture. Yeah, the guy lives an hour or so away from Tokyo. I kinda feel bad that he had to travel all the way to Tokyo.

It was a good date though.

If the first date was good. The second and third one were double the fun and double the excitement. Apparently, there is a 5-day holiday leading up to the new year so that worked to our advantage. Hehe!

Friday started with a hangout at Haneda Airport, followed by a walk around Yoyogi Park, then exploring Daikanyama (which I've never been to), and ending the long day with a good dinner and a movie at Roppongi.

I've always thought that walking around Tokyo would be a superb date. Well, surprise, surprise, this happened and it was all his idea. Hmm, is that a good sign?

We'll see, but yeah, Happy New Year...

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