Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy weekend, despite not doing the SCMS 2011...

Last Sunday was the much-awaited Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon.

I signed up for the half-marathon, but I ended up staying at home because of some injury.

Uhm, I did think of still doing the run because I've been prepping for it. However, I chose to be smarter and decide to stay home to further recover.

Still, it turned out to be a great weekend because several friends from Manila flew in for the run.

Last Friday, Jamie and Rosvie arrived. Jamie was doing the half-marathon with Ian, while Ros signed up for the 10K.

I wish I could have spent more time with Jamie and Ros, but due to you know what already, I had very limited time with them. Boo!

Of all the weekends to get sick. :-/

Also in town were friends from uni Ella and Gino. Gino did the full marathon. Woohoo! Way to go, Gino.

Ella and I were supposed to meet up Sunday night, but she got stuck somewhere so we had to cancel.

Good thing I was able to see her and Gino on Monday. There was even a bonus. Another friend from uni, Sam, joined us. Apparently, she moved here from Australia with her hubby and kids January this year.

So, even if I didn't get to do the half-mary, it was still an awesome weekend thanks to dear friends.

It's always, always nice to see friends from home.

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