Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Working to earn a place...

Some random thoughts.

Do you remember your first day in school? The first recess break and you are at the playground and you don't know anyone. And then there's this one other kid who looks like he or she could be your friend. You muster enough courage and walk up to the other kid and try to make friends with him or her. Days, weeks, months later, the two of you become really close friends.

The same thing for someone who decides to change jobs and finds himself/herself in a new work environment. Everyone knows everyone, and you try to look for someone who could be your good friend. Several lunch hours spent together, team building activities attended together, and work assignments that required the two of you to collab, you've found a really good buddy.

I guess the same is true in several other circumstances.

Bottom line is you have to work to earn your place in someone else's life. You don't become part of someone's life that easily.

For some people, it is quite easy to let a new person in. For others, it takes time. Not necessarily because it's difficult, but maybe because the whole idea is foreign and needs some getting used to.

Uhm, I kind of feel like I'm in that situation. I have yet to earn my place.

I'm not complaining. Just writing what's inside my head.

And I've been doing things to hopefully earn that place.

I guess it just feels new to me again...

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