Sunday, December 4, 2011

Volunteers appreciation dinner party...

Whereas Friday night was the company year-end party, Saturday night was the OC volunteers appreciation dinner party.

Uhm, I actually feel like I'm not that entitled yet to be part of the activity since I haven't done a lot yet so far. I've just had one service session, and then there's the volunteer work during the game show at Play.

But anyway, I decided to go to the party because it would be a venue to see my OC batchmates and I guess meet other volunteers as well.

The venue for the dinner was Cumin Bali, an Indonesian restaurant along Tanjong Pagar road.

The invitte said that the theme for the night was "Resort at Bali." Eeep! I've never been to Bali, and I really have no idea where to get traditional costume so I interpreted the theme in my own way. Hehe! I dressed up as a Bali tourist.

Good friend Melvin was also attending the dinner. He picked me up at Bishan, and we drove to TP. When Melvin arrived, he was dressed in a batik shirt. He saw what I was wearing and he goes, "Why are you not in costume? It said Resort at Bali." I replied, "Well, I'm dressed as a Bali tourist. Dun worry. If I stick out like a sore thumb in the crowd, I wouldn't go in." LOL!

We got to the venue, and saw some of Melvin's friends at the registration table. The pair were dressed in tank tops, shorts and flip-flops. Haha! Melvin asked them the same question he asked me, and he got the same answer that I gave him. Hehe!

As we made our way to the dining area, I saw my batchmates Chinmay, Jin, Jane, Kevin and the other Kevin. Haven't seen them in a while so we had a great time doing a little catching up.

The night started with a "Getting to Know You" activity. Everyone was asked to get up and move around and talk to people. It was a good opportunity to meet new folks.

Immediately after, dinner was served. Indonesian cuisine kinda reminds me of some Filipino dishes. I particularly loooooved the grilled chicken, because it tasted very much like chicken tocino! Haha! Jeez, I ended up having a cup and a half of rice. Eeeeep! Good thing I've already decided to skip the Standard Chartered run today.

The next part of the night's program was the awarding of volunteers who have been serving OC for a number of years now. Some of those recognized have been with OC since 2006. It was really inspiring to see them and listen to their short speech.

Many of them had the same reason behind the decision to volunteer - to work towards making the Singapore society more open, accepting and understanding of the LGBTQ community.

Good Saturday night.

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