Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saturday afternoon with Mom at the Botanic Gardens...

Mom and I went to the Botanic Garden this afternoon.

Initially, I thought I had to rethink our plans because it rained after lunch time.

But as I know by now, Singapore is such an efficient nation that even the weather also cooperates. Haha!

We left home around 430 and reached Botanic Garden a little after 5PM.

It was just the right time to be there because it wasn't humid at all. In fact, the rain earlier was a blessing as it was cool. It made our walk very relaxing.

Mom and I walked around the gardens for more than an hour. I am grateful that she is still blessed with good health. Hopefully, she'll continue to be blessed with good health so that we can go for the Cambodge trip next year.

While we were walking around, I shared with Mama how my nature walks with Mr. Lim is an activity I enjoy very much. The main reason is because I get to relax and not think about anything when I'm in the midst of the forests. There is something very calming about being surrounded by giant trees, hearing the chirping of the birds and the soft flow of a stream or a brook (whenever there is one).

Mama then commented that it was a good thing that Mr. Lim enjoyed the same thing. She added that luckily, Mr. Lim was able to wake up early on weekends.

Afterwards, she asked, "What about PG Boy?"

Haha! It was a bit of a surprise but not enough of a surprise to unsettle me. I just casually replied, "He belongs to the group who cannot wake up early on weekends."

In fact, I even dared say, "I have to wake him up at 9AM. If I didn't wake him up, he could and he would most probably just stay in bed."

I wonder if Mom understood that PG Boy and I shared the same bed or at least the same room. I love it though that we talked about it so casually. I must say I also loved it that Mom asked about PG Boy. Now, if only I could bring myself to tell her that PG Boy and I are no longer together. Haha!

We also talked about other things during our walk. It was nice to hear stories from my childhood, stories that involved my Lolo Dading and Lola Chimang, stories why I would never build a relationship with any of my cousins from my Dad's side and why I couldn't be bothered that I don't have a relationship with that side of the family. Haha!

It was a good walk! We started our walk at the Holland Rd side of the garden and ended at the Cluny Rd side. Gad, that was such a long walk.

Thankfully, I knew that there were some nice dining places at Cluny Rd. We went to Gastronomia and I bought us dinner.

Nice Saturday early evening activity.


  1. in the first place, you never told her you were together so theres no point telling her you no longer are hahaha

    1. I didn't officially tell her but she knew we were together. ;-) With all the photos on FB, my stories about him, our photo on my desk, my Mom is smart enough to know for sure. Hehe. ;)