Saturday, September 6, 2014

Home boy today...

Stayed at home today.

Well, most of the day I stayed at home. I only went out in the morning to see the doctor. My "ankle sprain" took me by surprise yesterday evening. I felt the pain start at 530. By the time, I got home I was already in hell.

I thought it was going to be a sleepless night. I lay in bed hoping I could find a position for my foot that wouldn't cause so much hurt. I was wrong. The slightest twitch gave the feeling of a jackhammer boring into my ankle.

Thankfully, I found some spare tabs from the last episode. After downing it with a glass water, which involved dragging myself to the kitchen, I managed to fall asleep somehow.

The other times I went out during the day was just to buy food. Other than that, I stayed home in my room.

Still, it was a productive day. I didn't get to go out and go to the gym and do something else I would have wanted to do. I did however get to go through my closet and sort clothes for donation and for sending back to my bros. I managed to do my laundry and change sheets. I gave my mom a call and we had a chat about her upcoming visit. I managed to move forward the novel I'm currently reading. I'll save the review for another post but let's just say I'm glad I managed to power through with reading the title.

Now, I'm just watching some episodes of Gossip Girl and I'm going to prepare for my errands tomorrow. I'm glad the "ankle sprain" was a very short episode.

It makes me wonder though why the sudden onset. I've been going to the gym four times a week. I drink three litres of water every day. I watch what I eat. What else am I not doing right?

I'm a 28-year-old (?!) guy with the internal organs of a 60-year-old man. Lol!

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