Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sounding board day...

Recently, I met up with a friend for a meal. On the way to our usual food place, we started to talk about a topic that (almost) every AJ guy and girl I suppose have to deal with - coming out.

We were having our usual topics for conversation and somehow, our chitchat moved into the above mentioned topic.

For the next forty minutes or so, I listened to my friend talk about his concerns and at the same time, we enjoyed the delicious meal set in front of us.

Before we parted ways, my friend said, "Hey, thanks for listening."

On the same day, another friend opened up to me. The topic this time was about relationships, or the lack of it.

I knew it was important for this friend to have a talk because this friend was extra chatty that day. On any normal day, our lengthy conversations would be hours after the day has ended.

In any case, I just listened to my friend speak about every bit of worry and concern.

Every so often, I would nod my head, voice out an "I agree," "I understand." The objective really was just to let my friend pour out all thoughts.

After our chitchat, my friend thanked me for the listening ear.

I wondered if there would be a third friend who needed a sounding board that day. Some people do say that things come in threes.

Not during that day. No third friend came.

Just before I turned in, I felt grateful to have friends who open up to me. It matters to me because I feel that there are friends who find me trustworthy. It matters to me that there are friends who feel that with me, they can lift the veil.

At the same time, I am grateful to have friends that I can share my thoughts and feelings without having to edit my facts or deliberately leaving out some details. It is a blessing to have someone who can and will listen.