Sunday, September 21, 2014

Two moms and their kids...

Today was a gruelling day. Haha!

It is only 9:30PM, but I intend to turn in right after finishing this quick blog post.

Former work colleague, fellow Pahinungod and good friend Joi was in town with her Mom. Naturally, I had to meet up with her and the other Pahinungod based in Singapore, Jeaners.

The day started very early for me and Mom. We all agreed to have dinner before Jeaners left her home for a 9AM class. That meant having to wake up at 530 in the morning so that Mom and I could reach Jeaners' place by 7 or so.

Thankfully, both Mom and I are morning persons. There was no difficulty for either of us to wake up damn early. Haha! Also, I rarely see Joi (and Jeaners) so I was more than happy to wake up really early for both of them. It also helped that Jeaners and hubby Jim prepped breakkie for us. That was an added motivation to make the early morning trip. Haha!

From Jeaners' place, Joi, her mom Tita Tet, my mom and I started our somewhat short city tour. From Orchard, we headed to Raffles Place and walked around. It's Tita Tet's first time in Singapore so a photo shot with the Merlion was mandatory. I was expecting the Merlion Park to be crowded. Surprise, surprise. There were very few people when we reached the park. In fact, there was no need to fight for space so that there is no photobomber appearing in each of our photos. Haha!

My guess is because people from the Fullerton side of the road don't know how to get to the Merlion Park. The main road was boarded up because of the F1 Grand Prix. Unless you knew about the underpass connecting the Fullerton to the other side, I have no idea where people had to pass. Haha!

After we got our photos, we headed back to Plaza Singapura for a quick lunch. Joi and Tita Tet had a 1PM appointment. We just agreed to meet again at 3PM.

Mom and I took the train to City Hall and walked around Raffles City. Then, we headed out and walked to Raffles Hotel and the National Library before walking back to Plaza Singapura. I'm so glad Mom is still fit to walk. We were moving at a pace slower than an iceberg but that was completely fine. Haha!

While waiting for Joi and Tita Tet, Mom and I went to Papparich for some local dessert. It didn't take long before the other mom and child duo appeared. We only had time to finish our snacks before parting ways. Joi and her mom were to go for more shopping. Mom and I were headed to church.

I gave Joi and Tita Tet a hug and a beso before going our separate ways. It was really good seeing her.

Mom and I then took the bus to Clementi. I figured we should just go to the Church of the Holy Cross for the 5PM Mass. That way we could reach home earlier.

We finished dinner at home by 7 plus. I did some laundry and some fixing of things for tomorrow. And now, here I am writing this messy post and almost ready to zzz...

Loooong but happy day.

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